concept and illustrations by Bethany Hamilton
The Man and the Satyr

A Man had lost his way in a wood one bitter winter's night. As he was roaming about, a Satyr came up to him, and finding that he had lost his way, promised to give him a lodging for the night, and guide him out of the forest in the morning. As he went along to the Satyr's cell, the Man raised both his hands to his mouth and kept on blowing at them. "What do you do that for?" said the Satyr. "My hands are numb with the cold," said the Man, "and my breath warms them." After this they arrived at the Satyr's home, and soon the Satyr put a smoking dish of porridge before him. But when the Man raised his spoon to his mouth he began blowing upon it. "And what do you do that for?" said the Satyr. "The porridge is too hot, and my breath will cool it." "Out you go," said the Satyr.

"I will have nought to do with a man who can blow hot and cold with the same breath."

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2011-3-7 10:12 PM - pvo
nice picture
2003-4-11 09:45 PM - i think
it's about speaking with conviction when taking sides. either you are FOR or AGAINST something, but not both. read the fable about the Bat, Birds & Beasts.
2003-3-13 09:16 AM - Paul
At least my lemonade is in a bottle!
2003-2-22 09:51 PM - Henly
The man needs to get some breath mints so people don't have to smell his stinky breath!
2002-11-8 09:25 PM - bethany
nice drawing!!!!:)
2000-11-14 03:31 PM - curious
Can someone please explain this???
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